Protect friends, family and others from diseases by getting vaccinated. We are proud to provide vaccinations to protect you from seasonal flu, pneumonia, shingles, and Tdap. 


The quickest and easiest way to get vaccinated is to make a immunization appointment and submit the appropriate vaccine consent form below. 


Not everyone is eligible for vaccinations.  For more information about vaccinations and to find which ones are right for you visit:


All your meds in one pick-up. Medication synchronization is a way to help simplify your prescription refills. Instead of having to make multiple trips to the pharmacy throughout the month to pick up your prescriptions, this process coordinates all your prescriptions into one easy monthly pickup!


Talk to our staff today to get signed up and schedule your monthly pickup date!


Your prescriptions delivered in a flash. Generics To Go delivers your prescriptions to your door for a convenient, affordable, pharmacy experience. Our prescriptions are available in cost-effective, convenient 3 to 12 month supplies, and all 6-12 month supplies SHIP FREE in Louisiana! With access to almost any generic medicine, we can help you stay on track with your regimen.


For more information about this program, visit

*Available at Maurepas location only


We are now offering self-administered COVID-19 testing. Please visit to schedule an appointment.

Testing is available at all of our locations through our drive-thru and by appointment only. The test is FREE to those individuals being tested and follows CDC Guidelines to determine eligibility.


Whether you’ve already been diagnosed with diabetes, or have been told you have prediabetes, our pharmacy team can counsel you on how to better manage your condition. We can train you on how to properly take your blood sugar, and provide recommendations on meters and testing supplies that best suit you.

Our Diabetes Club is completely free, so you can focus on managing your condition instead of worrying about extra costs.


E.D. shouldn't stand for Expensive Drugs. The same active ingredients in Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are now available in generic form at a much lower cost. Through our Generics To Go program, we can help you find the right dose for you without breaking the bank.

Prescription required. We cannot substitute any prescription or refill without a phone call to the prescriber.

*Available at Maurepas location only


Help your kids grow big and strong! We care about the health of our local children. Just like you, we want to make sure children develop healthy habits, including getting their daily nutrients. That’s why we offer our FREE Kids' Vitamin Club!

Members of our Vitamin Club receive free chewable multi-vitamins every 30 days with no strings attached. A parent or guardian simply needs to stop into the pharmacy and enroll their child(ren) and then accompany them when they pick up their monthly supply. It's that easy!


Get medications as unique as you. As your pharmacist, we will make medicine easier for you or a loved one to take! We realize that medications are not a one-size fits all and that’s why we will work with your physician to find the best solution to fit your needs or the needs of your family — including pets!